Why iran cash & carry?

I am pleased to introduce you to Iran Cash and Carry’s business model.
This company will be the first modernized cash and carry business in Iran.
Iran’s isolation from the West for the last 40 years has created opportunities and challenges in the country.
Iran’s $60 billion FMCG market has been dominated by small and medium sized manufacturers that provide 92% of all the FMCG products consumed locally.
The retail channel for the industry is mostly made up of 175,000 small convenience stores called baghalis (individually own shop) that have annual sales of $55 billion and control 91% of the market by providing service to 74 million people.
Foreign companies have not entered the arena of Iran’s FMCG distribution market (except for Carrefour, which opened 3 branches in Iran) due to the sanctions that have been in place for the last 40 years.

Convenience stores (baghali) have been part of Iran’s societal fabric, which is why local major chain stores have only gained an 8.5% market share in the past 20 years.
Customers visit local convenience stores daily and have therefore built rapport with the vendors. This market structure is the reason why the future of industry reforms in Iran should rely on providing business-to-business services to 175,000 baghalis with lowest price guarantee at cash and carry business model.
These baghalis are our major target market. We believe, based on facts and figures, that Iran Cash and Carry can substantially improve distribution channels to 175,000 Convenient stores (baghali) by reducing purchasing costs and increasing options for product purchases.
After a year of research, we concluded to use the cash and carry business model, which is going to revolutionize the 60$ billion FMCG industry. The present report is the result of our conclusions based on how we can reinvent the FMCG supply chain to create a win-win situation for us, our suppliers, and our customers. By starting Iran Cash and Carry, we will create an economic engine of growth, which will propel the Iranian FMCG supply chain. The Iran Cash and Carry team sees our situation as not only a great opportunity, but also as a duty to be fulfilled.
In my 35 years of experience I have not seen an opportunity as lucrative as the one presented in this report. Without further ado, we hope you enjoy reading about Iran Cash and Carry.